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Tri-Toon Center Cradle

Tri-Toon Center Cradle


Part Number: 1017068


Product Description: ShoreMaster's tri-toon cradles come as three toons (most cradles are offered as a set or feature two toons); however, we offer one additional toon to support the middle part of your craft. This accessory is only for pontoons, you will also need to purchase pontoon cradles in order to make the tri-toon functional.

Requires two 2" x 6" wood boards. Supports middle toon only.


Included in the Box:

1 x 1017071 Bolt Bag Tri-Toon Center Cradle
2 x Wdmt Tri-Toon Center Cradle w/Post
2 x Wdmt Tri-Toon Center Cradle Pocket
1 x MH Box - 22.0x6.0x25.0 - Pile Hoop


Installation Instructions:

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