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We Met Kathy Ireland!...kind of?

ShoreMaster, LLC had the honor recently of being a part of a segment on Modern Living with kathy ireland® focused on the waterfront industry and WE were interviewed for the show. Our very own Don Hurley, President/CEO, sat down with Kathy to discuss the changes we are seeing across the industry, as well as how our products are uniquely positioned to serve waterfront owners, and the amazing people behind our products and brands. A production crew came out to our home and interviewed us about the latest trends in the industry and our experience as a dealer. If you missed the initial airing on, or just want to watch the segment again, you can check it out here.

We're around 9:50 min mark! And, while Zach was excited for the publicity...he was extremely disappointed he didn't get to meet Kathy live. ;)

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