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The 5 Best Lake Toys For Summer

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to get prepared with the best water toys to make this summer the greatest one yet! There is no doubt these water toys will make your time on the water even more enjoyable. No matter your age, there is something for everyone. Take a look at this list for your next favorite water toy and get ready for fun times on the lake this Summer!

1. Velocity RC Boat

This RC Boat is the perfect water toy for adults and kids. It races across the water at 20+ mph and has a 120-meter signal range. The controls are easy to use and the capsize recovery modes make it easy for kids or adults of all ages. Buy one, two, or three and race the boats with your friends and family. It can be purchased on Amazon for an affordable price.

2. Paradise Pad

The Paradise Pad is the perfect addition to your waterfront. It is a giant foam piece that comes in several different sizes. It's rip-stop membrane in between layers of foam makes it longer lasting and durable. The 10' bungee cord with aluminum clip allows you to attach it anywhere on your dock or in the water. Whether you are relaxing or playing some fun water games, the whole family will enjoy the Paradise Pad.

3. Walk On Water Ball

The Walk On Water Ball is the closet you will ever get to walking on water. The Walk On Water Balls' can be purchased on the Inflatable Zone


4. Unicorn Party Island

It's not all unicorns and rainbows until you have your hands on this float this Summer. This giant Unicorn Party Island is the ultimate way to float on the water. It features a built-in cooler and four cup holders to give you plenty of space for your drinks out on the water. The middle part of the float features a mesh lounging area for you to cool off. The heavy duty handles allow you to get in and out of the float easier. This fun Unicorn Party Island can be purchased on Amazon.

5. Stand Up Pedal Board

The Hobie Stand Up Pedal Board is the perfect way to get exercise on the water. Even Zach Sherwin himself loves to get a Jane Fonda workout out on the water with this board. The pedals allow you to power yourself forward with speed using a stepping motion. Alloy handlebars deliver stability and steering controls. There are even accessories for this board like fishing rod holders. The Hobie can be purchased on the REI website.

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