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Teaching Your Kids How to Water Ski

Waterskiing brings so much joy in people of all ages. It is a great way to get out, move your body, and make yourself stronger. Everyone who has been waterskiing before knows how much fun it is. Why not share this excitement with your kiddos early on in their life?!

The Pfeifler/Lenz family sure knows how to ski! Perhaps they learned all the tips on how to teach each one of their kiddos how to ski!

Starting On Land

The first step to teaching the kiddos how to water ski is to start by teaching them on land. Grab a ski rope and get your kid ready! You can have them stand and hold the ski rope while you hold the other end. Then tell them to lean back and let the rope do the work. This teaches them that when the boat pulls them up all they need to do is lean back and the boat will do the rest.

How to Stand

Once they know how to get started, they then need to learn the proper way to stand. You will show them that they need to bend their knees, straighten their arms just outside of their knees, and reach forward. It is best to have them get this position down so when they are trying to get up in the water they know what to expect.

Add Skis

Once they have mastered the starting position and how to stand, it is time to add in the most important part - skis! Add in the skis and then go back over the first two things you taught them, except now with skis. You can purchase a ski trainer or skis that are tied together for them to use at first until they get the hang of things!

Get In the Water

The moment we've all been waiting for, time to get in the water. They can sit in the water with their skis on and try to practice everything they have learned up to this point. This will be the final step in getting then prepared for the big send off.

Getting Up On the Skis

After all that learning, your skier should be good to go. It may take them a few times before they get up. Let them know that is perfectly normal and to not give up!

Before too long, your kiddo is going to be a better water skier than you, watch out!

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