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Tips for Maintaining Your Lake Home in the Off Season

We know it's hard to say it, but summer is coming to an end and the colder weather is going to be here before we know it. For those of you who own a lake house that you only visit during the summer months, here are a few important things to keep in mind before you close the doors for the Winter season.

Turn Off the Water

This is one of the most important ones - turn off your main water supply. You do not want to deal with frozen and exploded pipes when it gets to be several degrees below zero! What happens is, the water inside your pipes will freeze and then come Spring time when it begins to warm up they can explode. Once they explode they can severely damage parts of your house and will end up costing you thousands of dollars. After turning off the water, flush the toilets and turn on all faucets to drain the water that could be left in the pipes.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Turn down the thermostat to around 60 degrees to save you money while you’re away. To ensure your house is staying warm enough so that the pipes don't freeze you could even invest in a smart thermostat.

Turn Off the Gas

Turn off the gas hot water heater completely. This can also save you money on your energy bill.

Unplug Your Electrical Appliances

Unplug all appliances like your TV, coffee maker, etc.

Empty the Fridge & Freezer

Empty the fridge and freezer of any items that are perishable or could go bad quickly if the power were to go out for an extended period of time.

Clear the Pantry

All food in bags that could be easily chewed open by mice should be stored in plastic containers. Also, take the extra time to wash out all the trash cans that could have food revenants at the bottom.

Clean Everything

Deep clean your entire house so that insects and animals like mice stay out! The last thing you want is to come back to your lake house where unwanted visitors have been staying.

Protect Your Yard

While you are away, you should consider hiring someone to mow and rake up the leaves or bring the whole fam and do one final fall clean-up! Make sure to blow out your sprinkler system as well. You do not want to risk the pipes exploding! Also, be sure to store all outdoor furniture that could be easily blown away in a garage or storage shed.

Lock It Up

Check that all windows and doors are locked. Also, be sure to close all blinds and curtains as it will help with security and will help ensure your carpets and other things on the inside do not fade.

Have Your Neighbor Check-In

If you have a friendly neighbor near you, consider asking them to keep an eye on your place for you. You can even leave them with a key in case of an emergency.

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