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Fun Additions for Your Dock

Chances are you already have a ton of fun out on your dock. Why not make it even MORE fun?! Here are some things we love that you can add to your dock to really make it a good time!

Dock Hammock

Most of you know what a hammock is on a stand, but have you ever seen a hammock built onto your dock?! This really takes things to the next level. If you love a good DIY project this is a great one for you!

Wet Steps EZ High Dive

The Wet Steps EZ High Dive is fun for everyone! It is the ultimate way to jump in the lake. Just make sure your lakes depth is deep enough to safely allow for diving.

Dock Furniture

Need a relaxing place to lounge and watch the kiddos swim? Get some premium dock furniture that can be attached right to your Infinity Dock.


Every kid (and maybe even every adult) loves to go down the waterslide into the lake! Add a fiberglass or even an inflatable waterslide to your dock for lots of fun.

For more great things to add to your dock, shop here.


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