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Gear Up Your Dock with a Dockside Firetable

The Homecrest Dockside Firetable is bound to be the perfect complement for your dock! Think about all the perks it has - keeping you warm on the chillier nights, lighting up your dock, and making your dock look aesthetically pleasing!

Firetable Glass Guard

Is it windy out and you're having trouble keeping your fire lit on the dock? No need to fear, the firetable glass guard will help protect your fire from the wind!

Firetable Round Cover

If you want to keep your fireable protected the round cover will do just that!

Replacement Firetable Glass

Sometimes the glass in your firetable may get lost here and there. If you ever feel you are running low you can always buy some replacement glass. It is available in silver and a bronze color!

*The Dockside Firetable works with any ShoreMaster Infinity Dock.


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