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How to Stay Cool on a Hot Summer Day

Summer is in full swing and the sun is surely keeping us plenty warm. On hot days, it is east to suffer from heat exhaustion and that is the last thing anyone wants. Keep these ideas in mind next time you need to stay cool:

Drink Liquids

First and foremost, drinking liquids is the most important part of taking care of yourself in the heat. Drink plenty of water and sports drinks with electrolytes. Your body needs a lot more water in high temperatures so be sure to keep that in mind.

Carry Around a Water Spray Bottle

If you plan to be outside and will need a quick way to stay cool, fill up a spray bottle with water and spritz yourself with it.

Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

Pop, coffee, and alcohol are all things that can actually make you dehydrated. It is best to avoid these while you are spending lots of time in the sun.

Eat Small & Cooling Meals

Try to avoid eating hot meals when you're in the sun. Try to focus on eating things that will keep you cool like fruits, low-fat dairy products, popsicles, etc.

Wear Proper Clothing

Lose, light colored, cotton clothing is best for keeping you cool. Unless you're planning to be in a swimsuit, focus on these clothes to stay the coolest. Consider clothes with UPF.

Limit Your Outdoor Activity

If you can, it is best to avoid the midday heat (around 1-4p).

Exercise in Moderation

If you like to go on outdoor runs or bike rides, do so in moderation. This may mean going slower than you normally would, stopping to take breaks, or doing 10 less minutes than your normal routine. Your body gets tired faster in the heat.

Take a Dip in the Water

If you have a lake or pool nearby, get in! There's no better way to cool off than jumping in the water. Don't forget to let your dog take a dip too!


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