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The Importance of Storing Your Canopy Cover During the Winter Months

It's been a long hot summer! Fall is now officially here which means the water toys are going to be parked for the colder months. Aside from storing your water toys, your canopy cover is also something that should be stored to ensure it’s long-term use.

Why You Should Remove It During the Winter

Your canopy cover is made to withhold many weather conditions, but still needs to be stored safely in the wintertime. Part of that is storing it during the winter. More than likely, you're going to be pulling your boat out of the water anyway so now is a good time to take your canopy cover inside, also.

Snow and ice is heavy and it is best that it’s not sitting on top of your canopy cover for long periods of time. We recommend taking your canopy off and storing it for the winter.

How to Fold & Store Your Canopy Cover

Properly folding and storing your canopy cover is also another important step to ensure its life. Before you even begin folding it, make sure it is clean and dry.

1. Grab someone to help you, stand on each end of the lift and lift the cover off the frame and lay it on the ground.

2. Start by horizontally folding the cover, as you would a sleeping bag! Fold about 1.5 feet of the cover at a time. Make sure you smooth out each piece as you go. Then, stop when you reach the halfway point.

3. Next, fold the cover on the opposite side that has not been folded yet in the same way as the other side. Once the sides meet, fold one side over the other and smooth it out.

4. Bring one end of the cover to the other as you would when folding a towel in half. Finally, starting at the fold you will then begin to roll it slowly to get out any air that may be trapped inside.

Make sure you store it in a dry safe location. This will ensure when you’re ready to get the boat out next Spring, your canopy is in great condition and ready to be put on your lift!


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