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What You Should Stock Up On For Summer at the Lake

Summer is near, hallelujah! Before it is officially summer and you're spending your weekends at the lake, prepare yourself and get socked up on the things you need for some summer fun!


This is #1 on the list for a reason! Sunscreen is so important and you want to make sure you have plenty of it for all the time you are going to be spending in the sun. Stock up on plenty of sunscreen so you don't run out when you want to spend time in the sun. Sprays, lotions, face sticks - have it all just in case!

Life Jackets

If you have younger kiddos there's a chance they have grown out of their life jackets from last year. Be sure to check these to make sure they fit. If they don't fit be sure to buy them new ones that fit them properly. We recommend Costco!

Ice Cream & Popsicles

What goes better with a warm summer day than popsicles or ice cream cones?! That's right, nothing! Stock up on lots of cool snacks so you can cool off on those hot days.

Water Bottles

When you spend a lot of time in the sun it is important to stay hydrated. Stock up on some reusable water bottles so you can refill all summer long.

Fishing Lures

If you have a fisherman in the family be sure they have plenty of fishing lures, hooks, and everything else they may need to have a summer full of fishing. Want the live bait? Cabela’s has all the worms you could ever need.


You're probably going to be getting in and out of the lake all summer long. Check your towels to make sure you have plenty.

Aloe Vera

You want to have aloe vera on hand just in case someone comes in at the end of the day with a sunburn.


If you enjoy sitting by the campfire after a long day in the sun, grab a truckload of firewood to last you through the summer.

S'mores Supplies

There is no such thing as too much s'mores supplies. If you and your family like campfires and s'mores grab some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate to settle your tastebuds.

Board Games & Yard Games

Find some special board games for the days it may be raining. Also grab some yard games too!


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