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Seawall Construction

Seawall installation and repairs

Does your seawall in your lake or pond need replacing or repairing? We do vinyl seawall repairs and construction on a first-come, first-serve basis. We know that seawalls can be a pain point for many lakefront owners and we want to help. Contact us for your free quote today!

Vinyl Seawall.jpg

Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl seawalls are a great choice for someone looking for a seawall that is going to last and be kind to their budget! They easily beat concrete and wood seawalls because of their many added benefits. 

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Cost Effective

Vinyl seawalls will last a really long time. The cost you put into your vinyl seawall will end up being the greatest investment long term. You will not to have it replaced near as soon as you would a concrete or wooden seawall. Less hassle and more money in your pocket over time!


Protect Your Lake Home

Having a vinyl seawall prevents the land from eroding. If the land were to begin to erode, it would affect your home behind it. They protect your property from flooding and poor drainage too. Your seawall will give you piece-of-mind knowing your home is safe!

Vinyl Seawall Appearance.jpg


Vinyl seawalls are built to last which makes them more appealing to the eye from the time they are installed all the way up to their last day. They will not fade over time like your average wood seawall would. They are UV resistant and will continue to look brand new year after year!

Seawall Installation.jpg


Vinyl seawalls are easily installed to save you the wait! Compared to wood that takes a lot of time since it is prone to having imperfections. With a vinyl seawall you can easily have a perfect end result. A quick turn around time makes everyone happy!

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