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2 Years Since the Midwest Floods - How Our Community Has and Continues to Rally Together

To say we are extra grateful to have our home, Lake WaConDa, still standing after the floods in March 2019 is an understatement.

We often think back to those long and scary days and just think of how grateful we were to have our community saved by all the incredible volunteers and hard working community members working around the clock day and night. We know others weren't as lucky, some have gotten to rebuild their homes while others think it's best to try and let it go.

The floods were said to be the combination of the "perfect storm" of conditions. Luckily 2 years later, the Missouri River is at a near-record low, which means it is far less likely to get backed up like the way it did in 2019.

Photo by Darin Toelle

Here's a few ways the community rallied together:

The #NebraskaStrong fundraiser raised over $441K dollars.

The Nebraska Strong Recovery Project, funded in 2020 with $6.7 million in new federal grants, offers continued outreach to connect people in need with crisis counseling services and other resources.

With the novel coronavirus, the outreach methods have changed. Instead of going door-to-door in flood-damaged communities, outreach workers had to find ways to get the word out across the state without making risky personal contacts.

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