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Advantages of a Floating Dock

If you are looking at purchasing a dock, you may be wondering, what are the advantages of a floating dock? We're here to let you in on all the different advantages there is to a floating dock system!

Rhino floating docks can withstand all the elements and are strong and sturdy.

Great for Fluctuating Water Levels

One of the biggest advantages of a floating dock system is that no matter if your water level is below normal above normal level, a floating dock will go with the water level. You won't be left high and dry if the lake is super below like you would with a fixed docks as the floats on your dock will fluctuate to that water level.

Can Be Placed in Shallow and Deep Lakes

Floating docks have the versatility of being able to be placed in shallow and deep lakes! For deeper lakes, the dock may be attached to your shoreline and for shallow lakes the dock might be set in place by poles placed in the ground of the lake.

Double-slip floating Rhino Dock

Easy to Move or Reposition

Unlike fixed docks that take a lot more labor to move and reposition, floating docks can be easily moved or repositioned should you ever need it.

It Can Be Left in the Water

Winter, spring, summer, fall - your floating dock can be left in the water all year long! There is no need to take your boat dock in and out of the water once the weather cools down, you can leave your floating dock right where it is!

Rhino floating dock

Easy to Customize and Add-On

Floating docks are totally customizable so you can make them your own!

Which Floating Dock is Right For You?

Contact us today at and one of our specialists would be happy to see which floating dock would be best for your waterfront!


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