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Four Signs You Need a New Dock

Nothing causes more wear and tear than moisture or age. Keep you and your family safe while enjoying your waterfront. Here are five signs you may need a new dock this spring/summer:


1. Dry rot in the wood - A clear sign it's time for a new dock - the wood on your dock is not structurally sound and you can clearly see rot.

2. Nails are sticking up - When wood rots, nails pop up. Anyone can catch their toes on these hazardous sharp objects.

3. Dock is uneven - Docks become un-level due to ice or age. Wear and tear through the years can leave your dock severely slanted.

4. You're swaying back and forth - If your dock has a lot of movement to it AND you aren't 3 margaritas deep, it may just be time to start shopping for a new wharf to keep your family safe.

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