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Lift & Dock Product Highlights :: Jan 2015

In the market for a new lift? Educate yourself now so you aren't scrambling come spring. This month's product highlight is Hewitt's Hi-Lift Vertical Boat Lift (pictured above). This is a 100% aluminum lift with stainless steel cables and bolts which means no rust or corrosion. This lift option is affordable and great for deep water or locations where water levels may fluctuate.


Considering a new dock and wonder what decking to select? Decking on a dock system is the most important aesthetic feature. Many traditionalists prefer wood decking for a beautiful, natural look. ShoreMaster's IPE wood decking, more of a tropical hardwood (pictured above) is a beautiful option. From Cedar wood to IPE wood, aluminum to plastic - there is a whole breadth of options. Check out ShoreMaster's complete guide to dock decking choices for more info.


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