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Eliminating Spiderwebs on Your Dock and Lift

It's that time of year where the itsy bitsy spider won't go up the water spout, but rather finds it way on to your dock and lift...every day.

There is a natural spray recipe that is not only okay for fish, but will not pollute your lake. The recipe is five drops of peppermint oil + water + a drop or two of detergent = ultimate arachnid repellent. You can substitute peppermint oil with turmeric, cloves or certain essential oils. Still doesn't work? Ladybugs are natures natural vacuum cleaner for spider eggs, baby spiders, many soft-bodied insects and even mildew. You can buy a small colony of ladybugs where you can buy everything else this world has to offer -

This is a great project to do with your kids or grandkids teaching them that nature has an incredible way of balancing the populations of it's creatures and that there are definitely alternatives to harsh chemicals in controlling pesky critters. Wishing you a web-free end of Summer and Fall!

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