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Dock Customization Tips

Waterfront owners spend a good amount of time on their shorelines. Generic boat dock layouts tend to get the job done, but they're not for everyone. There are several ways you can customize your waterfront to make it unique and your own.

Choose The Perfect Layout

Your dock design and layout is what you will want to begin thinking about. For seasonal dock owner's wheel-in dock or floating docks may be a good option if your water level fluctuates. Sectional docks give you the freedom to attach them in several different ways.

Consider Curved Dock Designs

A curved dock can really set your dock apart from your neighbor's. It can help you get the perfect layout to be the most functional for your needs.

Choose Your Favorite Decking

There are several different decking options for everyone. Removal decking makes it easy to upgrade your dock system. Plastic flow-through and aluminum are also great low-maintenance options

Dock Accessories

Paddleboards, watersport racks, fishing rod holders, and dock furniture are just a few options of the perfect accessories to give your dock the finishing touches. The options are endless!

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