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2020 Dock Trends

There's always a trend for everything! Stay up to date on the latest dock trends for 2020 and be the most trendy dock owner on the lake this year. Your neighbors won't be able to stop admiring the features and look of your new dock.

Making Your Dock a Deck

Docks are becoming the ultimate outdoor entertainment space more and more every year. There is nothing better than entertaining your quests on your dock - plus you don't even need to clean your house. Add a dockside fire table for the s'more lovers, a dockside grill for your cookouts, and all sorts of dockside furniture for comfort and a place to relax. Add some solar-powered lights to light up the space and make it safe for everyone in the night hours.

Large Crafts Equals Large Lifts

The bigger the boat or jet ski - the bigger the lift needs to be to support it. A bigger watercraft needs more support than your regular standard lift. Lifts are not a "one size fits all", so make sure when you invest in one that it is the right one for your specific watercraft. For example, a 4,000 pound boat may fit on a 4,000 pound lift, but what about when you have everyone on board? There are a variety of pontoon and PWC lifts in several different lengths, widths, and weight capacities to fit your specific watercraft.

Customized Module Systems

Everyone wants their shoreline to be unique to them. There are fully customizable layouts and a variety of accessories. ShoreMaster's Infinity waterfront system allows waterfront owners to customize and add all the accessories they wish. These dock systems allow people to easily link their dock systems together however they want, and accessories are able to be attached and moved along the perimeter of the dock.

*For more information on the latest dock trends visit the ShoreMaster website.

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