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How Does a Floating Dock Work?

Not all dock systems work for all shorelines - some work better than others. For certain waterfronts, especially lakes with fluctuating water levels, a floating dock may be exactly what you need. Floating docks do exactly what you'd expect, they float on the water instead of standing on the bottom of the lake.

How Does it Work?

A floating dock is a platform with air-tight buoyant pontoons that displace water. This allows the dock system to float on top of the water. The pontoons are built of sturdy material. Most of the time they are filled with polystyrene, which allows the dock to keep floating if something were to puncture the drum. Floating docks are typically connected to the shoreline by a platform and can be easily installed and removed. They are also anchored to the body of water to ultimately keep them in place.

Benefits of a Floating Dock

Floating docks are popular for many shorelines because it is super easy to add and remove parts of the dock. This allows you to change the design whenever needed. Floating docks are the perfect fit for shorelines that have deep or fluctuating water levels. The flotation of the dock allows your dock to adjust with water levels. Floating docks are quite the attractive feature that will make your shoreline look great after all.

ShoreMaster Floating Docks

ShoreMaster floating docks are great in terms of stability, reliability, and the ease of ownership. The floats on these floating docks meet or exceed the Hunt Absorption Test, meaning that in the unlikely event of puncture damage your dock will keep its buoyancy. The precision-welded aluminum construction makes the dock frame durable, lightweight, and low-maintenance.

ShoreMaster floating docks have nine decking options that are paired with the InfinityTrack system. This makes your customization options endless, so you are able to install accessories anywhere around your dock's perimeter. You can add just about anything to your floating dock and have trust in its performance.

*For more information on floating docks visit the ShoreMaster website.

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