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Prepping Your Dock For Spring

We are all ready for the weather to warm up so we can get out on the water! Setting up your waterfront is one of the most important parts of prepping for boating season. After you have registered your boat, did the necessary maintenance, and all safety work is done, the next step is to get your dock set up. Follow these tips in setting up your dock this Spring so when Summer rolls around you are ready to go!

Easy Assembly and Installation

If you're a seasonal boater, and have taken your dock out for the winter months it is in your best interest to have a dock system that is easily installed and removed. Docks that have lightweight aluminum are easy to carry and easy to put together. If you want to make it even easier, a wheel-in dock may be something to consider if your waterfront allows. Any removable decking, legs, and accessories are also things that make set-up a breeze.

Check Your Water Level

As the weather begins to warm, melting snow and rain are underway. Depending on how much snow and rain has fallen, the water level can fluctuate. It is important to choose a dock system with an adjustable height for situations where the water may be much higher or lower than normal. Keep in mind, the tallest waves should never be able to hit your dock frame when it is in the water. Docks like ShoreMaster have 18-inch leg pockets that are easily adjusted to accommodate water conditions.

Clean Things Up

Keeping your dock clean is part of the responsibility of owning a dock. Just because it sits in the water all time doesn't mean it's sitting in a giant bath. Aluminum boat docks and decking are water and rot-resistant, so cleaning them with an environmentally friendly cleaning product is totally safe. Canopy covers are also something that needs to be kept clean and well-maintained. It is also important to clear pine nuts and other things that may have fallen on your dock and canopy cover.

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