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Product Highlight - Rhino Marine Systems

Getting the most out of your time on the water is crucial. You want a dock that fits your needs and is long-lasting for you to enjoy every minute on the water. Rhino Marine Systems, from ShoreMaster, are backed up by intense engineering, along with durable and overbuilt design. With a RhinoDock, you will be able to sit back, relax, and feel confident you are relaxing on a one-of-a-kind dock system.

RhinoDock Floating System

RhinoDock's floating steel dock system offers the highest level of stability and performance, and is made to last. Your RhinoDock will become an extension of your home, and provide your family with a safe and secure dock system. RhinoDock's premium flotation is paired with concrete decking and a marina-grade galvanized steel substructure. The RhinoDock Floating System is the smartest floating dock choice for just about any waterfront property owner.

RhinoDock Upper Deck

The RhinoDock Upper Deck's strength, stability, and galvanized steel substructure has a first class look and great functionality. The aluminum upper deck features waterproof flooring and handrails for the perfect patio space. There is no better place to relax on the lake than the RhinoDock Upper Deck.

RhinoDock Roof Options

There are three different roof options for your RhinoDock Floating System: the Marine Gable Roof, A-Frame Gable Roof, and a Hip Roof.

  • Marine Gable Roof: This shape originates from large multi-slip marinas found throughout the Southern part of the United States. It is very cost efficient, easily installed, and provides great protection for your watercrafts.

  • A-Frame Gable Roof: This A-Frame Gable Roof provides a traditional look that is similar to a typical home roof construction. It allows for a wide range of deck and patio configurations.

  • Hip Roof: This Hip Style Roof option is an attractive option for the roof of your dock. It covers the boat slips and appeals to the eye.

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