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Otter Island - the Ultimate Swim Raft

There is no better way of spending time out on the lake than on Hewitt's Otter Island. It's like taking a trip out to your own private island! There are all the amenities you may need - a table with cup holders, lounge seats, a ladder, and even more accessories available to make your trip out to your very own Otter Island worth it. The best part, it's just a swim away to the island!

The Otter Island has everything you need, and more! Choose between your color options: beige body/green accents, yellow body/blue accents, and yellow body/green accents.

  • Backrests: sit back and relax on the backrests, or lay them flat for the kids to have some fun jumping off the raft. Beneath the seat backs, there is storage space so you can store the kids water toys or anything else you may need.

  • Seat Cushions: take your Otter Island to the next level and add on the seat cushions for the ultimate comfort.

  • Pop-Up Table: the pop-up table with beverage holders allows you to set your drink down while you get some sun and relax.

  • Umbrella: protect yourself from the sun on the Otter Island and add on the perfect umbrella that attaches right to the pop-up table.

  • ​Ladder: the flip-up ladder makes it easy for kids and adults to get on and off the raft. Flip up the ladder when the raft is not being used to keep it out of the water.

  • Safety Features: the raft features a non-slip surface, recessed reflectors on all sides, and rounded corners so you can feel confident everyone will have a safe time on the water.

  • Anchor: anchor down your raft with the perfect Swim Raft Anchor so your raft doesn't try to swim away.

*Find out more about the Otter Island here.

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