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Lights For Your Dock

Lighting for your dock is one of the most eye-appealing things to see by the lake at night. Not only do they light up your dock, they also keep you safe when you walk to your boat for that night time boat ride. There are many different dock lights to fit your needs.

These are an attractive low profile design. There is no wasted dock space and no tripping over wires. The bright LED illumination comes in red, blue, green, amber, and white.

Stylish and bright - these post lights are the perfect way to lighten up your dock and stand out. The best part is, they are energy efficient and the run time is 18+ hours on a full sunlight charge.

These marine-grade solar deck lights brighten your walkway. They are made of anodized aluminum for protection in all environments. The built in reflector adds safety for everyone around.

Find the perfect dock light for your needs and never look back!

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