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Canopy Frames & Covers - Protection For Your Boat

Protecting your boat is one of the most important aspects of owning a boat, because without it staying in great shape you would not be able to use it! Making your boat last long allows for you to have more time in the sun! Here are a few reasons why a canopy frame and cover or a roof is worth the investment.

Canopy Frames

ShoreMaster's traditional canopy frames are the perfect way to keep your watercraft protected. It is a curved design and made of aluminum, meaning it will last for years and years to come.

The hip-roof canopy frame is a very attractive option that will allow for watercraft coverage and ease of use. The aluminum welded design means easy maintenance and it will last for years.

HarborTime canopies are lightweight, but offer superior durability. They also repel water, mold and mildew, and sunlight. This is the perfect canopy for a marine environment.

WeatherMax fabric canopies are designed to repel all elements and last a long time. It's woven with lightweight yarn, so is easily installed, removed, and stored.

The 13 oz. vinyl canopy is lightweight, durable, and easily cleaned. The exclusive top coat makes it the perfect durable canopy.


While a canopy cover is always a great option for protecting your boat, there are also several different roof options. A roof provides protection and stability for your boat.

Marine Gable Roofs are great for multi-slip use. They are cost efficient and easily installed. A-Frame Gable Roofs provide a traditional look, similar to a roof on a home. The Hip Roof option is a very attractive option that covers your boat and appeals to your eye.

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