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How to Keep Birds Out Of Your Canopy

Birds are fun to watch, except when they keep swooping down into your canopy, building nests, and sitting around in your boat more than you do. They are difficult to keep away, but there are some special tricks you can try to make it so they don't keep coming back.

Solar Powered Owl

Solar powered owls are the oldest trick in the book to keeping birds out of your canopy. Birds do not like owls as they are afraid if they get to close to them, they will eat them. Your solar powered owl should be attached to the top of the canopy or on the outer deck of your boat. The head of the owl will move back and forth so that the replica looks like it is a live owl looking for a snack!

Reflective Devices

Hanging reflective devices from your canopy will keep birds from coming in your canopy. The reflective devices will disrupt their vision when the sunlight hits them. You can use things like CD's for this. Be sure to hang them with enough slack so they can move in the wind for the sunlight to hit them.

Roof Deterrents

Roof deterrents are designed to scare birds away so they do not even think about coming near the canopy. Long thin metallic arms stick out, move in the wind, and reflect sunlight. These long arms looks like something is reaching out from the canopy which keeps the birds from coming near it

Keeping the birds away from your boat can be a task. If you happen to find a nest in your canopy, you may need to call animal control to remove it for you so you do not cause damage to the nest itself or the eggs.

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