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How to Keep Spiders from Invading Your Boat/Canopy

Have you ever walked through a spider web when trying to get on your boat? Then you spend the next five minutes trying to get it off, and the entire boat ride feeling like there has to be more of the spider web still on you. We've all been there!

Knowing how to keep those pesky spiders from invading your space is more simple than you think. No more webs, unwanted visitors, and no more droppings they may have left behind.

Repellent Spray

This is one of the best ways to keep spiders from coming near your boat. An effective repellent spray will not only keep spiders from coming around, but it will also keep away other types of insects as well.

Essential Oils

I'm sure you've heard, essential oils have a use for almost everything! Peppermint oil is one that keeps spiders away. Place it on cotton balls or other various places in you boat to keep them away.

Clean Regularly

To tackle the amount of spiders in your boat you will want to continually clean and vacuum out your boat. This is a good way to remove the current spiders and any possible eggs there may be in the area. By cleaning you also get rid of any food source the spiders/insects may be coming around for.

Ultrasonic Spider Repellent

These gadgets can be purchased at many stores for a very good price. They send out sound waves that spiders and other insects do not like that will keep them away.

No matter which method you try, we hope it works for you!

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