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How to Prepare your Dock & Lift for a Storm and Check for Damage Post-Storm

Boat docks and lifts are made to withstand the water and weather conditions, but in some cases the storms may be very strong. Sometimes these strong storms can lead to dock or lift damage that can lead to costly repairs or even replacements. It is always smart to take some time to prepare for storms and check for damage.

Protect Your Dock & Lift

When you know a storm is near, it is important to raise your boat on the lift as high as you possibly can and also cover your boat. This will help keep your boat protected!

Signs of Dock Damage

An aluminum boat dock is strong and easy to maintain, but that doesn't always mean it will withhold every storm. Regularly inspecting your dock for damage is as easy as looking for any loose or damaged cables. If you happen to come across any be sure to contact a licensed electrician if you see something wrong. You can also check to make sure everything is fine with your ladder and other dock accessories you may have. After all, everything on your waterfront is relying on your dock to be strong and secure.

Signs of Lift Damage

Once the storm has passed you also need to be sure to look for any lift damage you may see. Look for bent or twisted beams, damaged drivers, or broken bunks on your lift. Also look for bent or loose bolts, and check the cables for kinks, abrasions, frays, or breaks. If your lift has shifted, you may need to contact your local lift dealer to get it squared up. Always make sure you look at these things before operating your lift after a storm.

Contacting your Insurance

In the times where a bad storm hits and does a number on your dock or lift, insurance may cover it. The majority of homeowners insurance plans tend to cover damage to your dock or lift from a storm.

Here in the Midwest you never know when Mother Nature is going to take a turn. Be safe and keep your lift and dock as safe as possible!

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