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Boat Safety Tips For Pulling Watersports Athletes

Tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wave-surfing, are just some of the watersports you can do on a lake! Whenever any of these watersports are done, it is important the captain knows all the proper ways to pull the athlete and also how to keep everyone safe on the water! The next time you go out to do one of these activities remember this list:

  • Lifejackets: No matter what type of watersport you are doing, you always need to be wearing a lifejacket. This is for safety for anything that could possibly happen.

  • Watersport Capabilities: For all watersports there are always some type of manufacturer information you should always read. Always read that information, like for example a kneeboard may only be equipped to pull a certain amount of weight. Follow suggested guidelines for everyone's safety.

  • Spotter: A spotter is an important person to have on board no matter what type of watersport rider you are pulling. They can ultimately pay attention to the signs the person behind the boat may be putting up and what not. Another important step they are taking is raising the orange flag when the athlete is in the water getting ready to go or has just fallen down!

  • Water Regulations: All lakes have their own rules regarding speed, where you can pull someone, and more. Know all of these rules and obey them out of safety and respect for your loved ones and others in the community.

  • Driver Responsibly: No matter what, the driver of the boat should be alert and in the right state of mind to drive a boat. They also need to make sure they are looking out for other boats, buoys, or other water hazards that may be in the way.

  • Secure Rope: Before taking off, make sure the tow line is secured correctly and that there is no fraying or tears on the rope.

  • Ready To Go: Make sure your riders are ready and seated properly, as they could be caught off guard if you go without them telling you they are ready to go.

  • Handle Waves With Care: When you are about to go by waves, be sure to slow down and make sure your rider is handling the waves well.

  • Rearview Mirror: A rearview mirror is another important piece to have on board the boat. Rearview mirrors help the driver see the athlete behind them to make sure everything is safe all around the boat.

No matter what, safety is always the most important step in every thing you do on the lake! We hope these tips help someone on the lake take their safety to the next level!

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