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Floating Docks and their Importance in Fluctuating Water

Water levels can always fluctuate because of tides and many other factors. Seasonal changes like rain, snowmelt, or dry periods can cause your water levels to go either up or down significantly. A floating dock system can handle all of these changes while still allowing you to be safe and enjoy the water.

Stability and Security

A floating dock may seem like it is not made for stability, but this is not the case. Floating docks are capable of adjusting to fluctuating waters easily compared to docks with legs or wheels. Dock floatation in ShoreMaster's Infinity FTS9 Floating Dock and PolyDock systems is achieved with molded floatation designed for the rigors of waterfront and seasonal use. Even if the outer shell gets damaged, the polystyrene beads will prevent it from the loss of buoyancy. A high-quality floating dock will perform just as well as any other dock with legs!

Keeping Important Things Dry

A floating dock is always going to be coming into contact with the water since it is going to be touching the water at all times. Your dock will never be too high or underwater, but the waves will always be crashing into it, no matter how deep the water is. Know that you must think about the things on your dock that should never get fully submerged like a boat lift motor or certain lights. Make sure you are keeping these safe!

A Low-Maintenance Alternative

Floating docks are a low-hassle alternative compared to fixed docks. They are just as durable and customizable as a fixed dock! They are easier since you don't ever have to shift the legs up and down depending on the water level. You will never have to worry about your dock going underwater again!

Next time you are dock shopping, consider a floating dock and all they have to offer!

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