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Why You Should Winterize Your Boat & How to 'DIY'!

As the temperature begins to cool down and summer comes to an end, it is time to start thinking about getting your boat winterized to keep it in good shape. If you do not winterize your boat you may give yourself future unnecessary headaches once the winter months are over. You do not want to have to deal with repairs come spring time when you are itching to use your boat.

During the winter, many boats sit for an extended period of time. If it is not properly winterized, moisture will be trapped in the interior parts of the engine which eventually causes corrosion. Corrosion in an engine is extremely destructive. Keep it protected by draining all the water anywhere it can be trapped. You can get this professionally done or even do it yourself.

The fuel in your boat should not sit there all winter long. Over time the fuel will begin to separate and once that happens there is no going back. This is part of the process when you get your boat professionally winterized. Otherwise if you do not get this done you will have to get your entire fuel system drained and cleaned and it can become very expensive.

How To DIY

1. Prep your engine! Make sure you have drained and removed all the water from all parts of your boat that could possibly get water.

2. Apply corrosion protection to your engine. It can be purchased for a very low price on Amazon.

3. Check your owner’s manual for complete fogging, if needed.

4. Add a fuel-stabilizing agent to your fuel system, then run the engine.

5. Change your fuel filters, and any fuel/water separators.

6. Drain your water plumbing systems (sinks, tanks, etc).

7. Add antifreeze to your plumbing systems.

8. Make sure all water is removed from additional areas (livewells, water pumps, etc).

9. Remove drain plugs.

10. Cover your boat and put it in a protected place for storage over the winter.

*For additional help on how to winterize your boat yourself, check out this YouTube tutorial!

Remember when it comes to those cooler temps, winterizing your boat is so important!

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