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ShoreMaster's Infinity Dock Systems - A Top of the Line Dock

Last week, I was on a training call hosted by ShoreMaster’s headquarters and had the opportunity to dive deep into their Infinity Dock System. Now that I'm an infinity expert - I'd love to teach you the in's and out's of this elaborate and intelligent setup. They are truly one-of-a-kind!

The Infinity Dock System gets its name from the fact that it is infinitely configurable. This means it's not your standard dock with the same layout and accessories your neighbor has. It provides you with a unique layout that is customized to your liking and you can even add some accessories to really bring your dock to life.


  • Frame Structure: strong welded construction with leg pockets in the dock so the legs do not stick out.

  • Decking Panels: all the decking panels on this dock are removable, replaceable, and storable. They come in several different options and colors.

  • Frame Features: the leg pockets are in the framework, which means the legs are on the inside of the dock making it look appealing to the eye.

  • Infinity Connection System: this is the unique connection system that allows you to attach many sorts of accessories to your dock.

  • Infinity Curve Sections: instead of the dock having short corners, this dock has curved corners to maximize space and give aesthetic appeal.

  • Infinity Track: this is the connection system that is attached to the dock for you to add accessories easily.

Infinity Track System Accessories

All infinity track accessories will work with other brands other than just ShoreMaster, but not vice-versa. There are several infinity track accessories to choose from to bring your dock to the next level!

Types of Systems

  • Infinity RS7: has superior strength and is available in a sectional and wheel-in dock system.

  • Infinity RS4: features premium stability.

  • Infinity TS9: greatest strength-weight ratio, it can be a standing or a wheel-in dock. It is different than other docks because of it's fully welded frame.

  • Infinity FTS9: meant for smaller lakes.

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