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A Guide to Selecting the Best Dock Accessories

You've got your boat and your dock - now it's time to take your dock your own and add some accessories. From dock furniture to dock cleats we have just about everything you could dream of to add onto your dock.

Paddle Board/Kayak Rack

Store your paddle board or kayak right off the side of your dock with this easy use rack.

Solar Dock Lights

No more guessing where you're walking to get to your boat for a night time boat ride, these solar dock lights will light up your dock.

Accent Lighting

Add these accent lights to attract fish and light up your dock from Accent Landscaping Lighting, Inc.


Protect your boat by adding bumpers to your dock. This will ensure that even on the rough lake days that your boat stays protected.

Dockside Grill

Grilling by the lake? There's no way things could get better than that. This dockside grill can be mounted right on your dock for the ultimate grilling experience.

Flag Pole

Show your country some love and fly a flag from your dock with this dock flag pole.

Fishing Rod Holder

For the fisherman out there - a rod holder that can stay right on your dock.

Dock Furniture

The best way to relax on your dock is with dock furinture. You don't even have to worry about it blowing into the lake after a wind storm.

Dockside Firetable

Cozy up on your dock by sitting around the dockside firetable. Perfect for those summer nights and even those cooler fall evenings.

There's plenty more where that came from, check out even more dock accessories there are to choose from here.


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