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Boat Lift Guides - Do I Need Them?

Boat lift guides are a great way to protect your boat as you pull into park after a fun day on the lake. Owner, Zach, has them and loves them especially for when his wife drives and parks the boat. ;) They're great if you're one with not much experience on the water, but they're also great for an experienced driver as parking your boat is not an easy task for anyone. With that being said no matter what type of driver you may be, load guides are great for everyone.

Load guides come in many different styles and variations to fit your needs and your design choice. From spring loaded foam guides to carpeted covered wood guides and even glide rail systems - there are guides for every type of boat lift. It is important that you are sure to get load guides that are specific to your boat lift so they fit correctly.

Spring Load Foam Guides

Spring load foam guides are fairly inexpensive and are normally used with ski boats. They are essentially foam logs that are covered with canvas to ensure they will not scratch your boat if you happen to bump into them.

Carpeted Guides

Carpeted guides are the most used by boat owners. Normally when you buy a boat lift, your dealer will provide aluminum mounting hardware that you can attach to your lift. With this, normally you will attach wood and carpet to it.

These are not only great for exiting your lift and parking, they are also great to be used as a step for when you get in and out of your boat.

Guide Rails

Guide rails are fairly new to the market and provide great assistance to parking your boat. They sit at the entrance of your lift to allow you to park your boat consistently.

If you have a pontoon, you can get them as a pontoon rail. These will help you with lifting your pontoon in and out of the water.

So, are load guides right for you? This will all come down to your experience, where you are located on your lake, the wind and the waves.

Shop some load guides here. Don't see what you need? Give us a shout (402-297-4247) and we'd be happy to help!


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