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Common Boat Lift Mistakes

Your boat lift is a very important piece to keeping your boat in superb shape. Boats aren't made to sit in the water 24/7, they need to be lifted out of the water so they stay in great shape. You have to make sure you are taking great care of your boat lift so it can continue to perform like it's supposed to.

Not Balancing Your Boat Correctly

Your boat should not lean either way, it should always sit centered on the boat lift. If it is unbalanced, it makes it easier for your boat to escape the lift. To make this easy you can have guides and motor stops installed to your boat lift.

Ignoring the Weight Capacity

There is a reason boat lifts come with a weight capacity and it is not something you want to ignore. If you are right on the line with one weight capacity it is usually best to get it a bit bigger. You also need to factor in anything that may be on your boat like gas, equipment, people, etc.

Not Maintaining Your Cables

Boat lifts typically require minimal maintenance, but be sure to continually check your cables for signs of damage. Since boat lift cables are typically made of stainless steel, which requires lubrication. While you check for lubrication, look for fraying or any other factors that may show that they need replacing.

Forgetting the Lifting Height

Always be sure that you don't over-raise your boat on the lift. If you continue to crank the wheel it can damage the pulleys, cables, and other important parts. Lowering your lift too low can also cause problems. Pay attention to the cord and where your boat sits in the water to avoid this.


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