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DIY :: Cash and Carry a PWC Lift - Save on Install Cost

Like your ski boat and pontoon, your personal water craft needs to be kept up out of the water too. Are you in need of a PWC lift and you're a DIY type person? Buy one from us and save on install costs by installing it yourself. Lucky for you, we're going to explain just how to install one yourself right here on our blog.

1. Align and position your docking platform in the best way possible.

2. Keep your mooring plugs and brackets correctly positioned.

3. If you have to drill holes into your dock face, do so correctly.

4. Secure the mooring link in its natural floating position.

5. Attach all brackets to the dock correctly.

6. Securely insert and tighten the required bolts.

7. Inspect the connecting links to ensure that they’re well-fitting, tight, and snug.

If you still aren't sure, it may be best to have professional do it to ensure it is done properly!


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