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Do You Need a Bubbler For Your Dock This Winter?

Here in Nebraska, the freezing temperatures are approaching! You may be wondering, what do the freezing temperatures mean for my boat dock and is there anything I need to do? It all boils down to the type of dock you have, what lake you are on, how the wind hits your dock, and a couple other factors. For some lakes, like Lake Allure, Sandy Pointe, and Bennington quite a few people at these lakes may need some more protection for their dock in the winter months, while some other lakes may be totally in the clear.

How to Protect Your Dock With a Bubbler

One way you can sufficiently and easily protect your dock this winter (if you meet the criteria), is installing a bubbler at your waterfront to protect your dock from potential ice damage.

How Does a Bubbler Work?

A bubbler works by circulating the water in or around the dock to keep the water around the dock open and from freezing. So instead of allowing the water to freeze around your dock, the bubbler does not allow this to happen.

If you have questions on whether or not you could benefit from a bubbler this winter, please shoot us an email and we can answer your questions for you -


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