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Online Boating Safety Courses

Is there a new boater in your family? Are you looking to get a little refresher on all the safest boating habits? Anyone who is 14 years of age and older is able to operate a watercraft as long as they have their boaters safety license.

Nebraska Game & Parks has a registered course you can take online at your own pace and then take the proctored exam for just $29.95.

Depending on where you live, each state course will look a bit different: the estimated course time, nature of the lessons and test, and the certificate information will probably vary a bit as well depending on their laws and regulations. Though each state may vary a bit, they are all regulated and controlled by NASBLA, the U.S. Coast Guard, and each state's boating license agency. This ensures you're sure to learn everything that you specially need to know.

The courses they offer are also very user friendly. You’re able to finish the class at your own pace so you never feel rushed or overwhelmed. You can learn all about their courses here.


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