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Get Ready Nebraska! We May Get our Own Lake Okoboji!

In years to come, Nebraska may be getting their own Lake Okoboji. The idea had been proposed, and finally got approved by the Nebraska State Legislature back in April.

The lake would be located in Ashland, nearly 45 minutes from both Omaha and Lincoln. By the sounds of it, the lake would be located East of the Platte River and North and South of Linoma Beach. It would be 40,000 acres, which is more than 500 acres larger than Lake Okoboji.

This new lake build is projected to cost $1 billion. They have yet to figure out where these funds are going to come from, though they do know 90 percent of it will be privately funded.

The lake would be a sandpit lake without having a dam to the Platte River, which makes many Ashland residents pleased.

In Ashland, houses are already selling for two-three times the amount they are worth. Who knows how the housing there will be once if the lake build goes through!?! It should be very positive for all local businesses in the area.

The next step is for the state to work with the people of Ashland for land.

Looking for your next lake place? Maybe wait and you'll have over 40L acres to choose from.

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