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How to Get Your Boat Level on the Lift

Keeping your boat level on the lift is very important in order to make sure your boat lift lasts. If your boat is not sitting level on the lift it can make it so your boat does not drain properly and can also cause damage to your lift and dock overtime.

Make Sure Your Lift is Level

First and foremost, the most important part of making sure your boat is level on the lift is ensuring that the lift itself is level. If the lift is not level your boat will never be leveled correctly. Both the front and back of your lift should be level with each other so the weight of your boat is distributed properly. Now, this doesn't always mean that you need legs of the same length for the front and back of your boat because typically the water gets deeper the further you walk in. If you're not super familiar with making sure your lift is level it is probably best to get it done by a professional.

Accessories to Help You Drive onto the Lift

With a dock system that is fully customizable, likely you will be able to buy some accessories to help you with this process. Guide-ons are an item that help to prevent you from pulling up too far on your lift. Full length PVC guides are another item to help you put your boat on properly. These add-ons are very simple but they can add years onto your lift to make sure your boat is always on properly.

Fluctuations in Water Depth

If you live on a lake where the water level often fluctuates, adjustable leveling legs might be necessary. This way season after season you don't need to deal with more painful changes to your boat lift legs.


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