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How to Get Your Boat Ready for Spring

Spring is going to be here before we know it and once it's here we're all going to be wanting to be getting our boats in the water! Set some time aside to get your boat ready for the spring/summer. Here's some things you can do:

Remove the Cover & Inspect for Critters

Even if you took preventative measures when you winterize your boat for critters, it can still happen. Check for any signs of critter hibernation in all parts of your boat.

Give it a Good Clean

Clean all canvas, vinyl and carpet you have in your boat. While cleaning, make sure there are no tears in the seats. If there are, repair them before they get any worse.

Check the Engine & Propeller

Check to see if your boat is due for an oil change or needs a new filter. Then check all belts to ensure they do not need to be replaced. Inspect the propeller and hull to make sure they do not have any damage.

Check Your Cooling System & Antifreeze

If you winterize your boat, you probably had the system flushed, now is the time to refill it.

Make Sure the Battery Works

Always be sure that your battery does not need replacing before you try to put your boat in the water. Try starting it while it's in the driveway. The last thing you want to happen is your boat not turning on because you need a new battery.

Look Over the Trailer

Make sure your trailer licensing is up to date, the tires are full of air and all your lights work.

While the attention to detail seems minimal, it goes a long way and you’ll be ready to hit the water!


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