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How to Prepare & Care for Your Dock for the Winter Months

Here are some things to ensure your dock is well taken care of this winter.

Store Dock Accessories

If you happen to have any dock accessories like tables, chairs, umbrellas, or anything else that is removable you will want to remove it and put it into storage. Put them somewhere where they are safe from the cold temperatures and any snow that could get to them.

Clean Your Dock

We know, it sounds weird to say you need to clean your dock when it's sitting in the water 24/7. This is actually a very important piece to keeping your dock in tip-top shape. You can use a special deck cleaner to help remove all the algae and dirt from your dock or a power washer works great. Be sure to take care of this task before the temperatures get below freezing!

Dock Decking

If you have removable dock decking, now is the time to put the 'removable' part to use! Removing your decking is one way to make your dock as long-lasting as possible. Be sure to store it in a safe dry place away from all weather conditions.

Talk with Your Neighbors

If you don't live at your lake house full time you can talk to your neighbors to see if they would be willing to keep an eye on your dock and let you know if anything seems off. Though this doesn't stop issues from happening, at least you may know about them sooner rather than later.

Use Dock Bubblers

If you want to be extra cautious and you live in a place with harsh winters specifically a lake big enough for lots of moving ice. In these situations, a dock bubbler may be necessary. These will prevent the water around your dock from freezing. Contact us if you need help with purchasing one.


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