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How to Prepare Your Dock for the Upcoming Spring/Summer

We're halfway through February, boating season is literally just right around the corner! We know we can't contain our excitement over here! With a long midwest winter nearly behind us, there may be some things you need to do to prepare your dock for the upcoming boating season. Here are some things you can do to prepare your dock for the upcoming boating season.

Installation & Removal

If you have a dock that you removed in the fall, you'll of course want to reinstall it as the weather warms up.

Check the Water Level

After the winter comes to an end, there is often some snow melt and rain that may make the lake level come up a bit. Depending on the amount of snow and rain you got that year depends on the how high or low the water level may be.

Keep Things Neat & Clean

Your dock will need a bit of a clean-up after the long winter. Clear spider webs, do a quick sweep or blow it off with your leaf blower, and maybe rinse it with a hose or possibly even a power washer.

Inspect the Decking

Ensure that the decking is all still in great shape. Make sure that there are no cracks in your concrete or warping in your wood depending on what type of decking your dock has.

Inspect the Frames

Take a look at your frames and make sure they all look and work as they should.

Check the Floats

If you own a floating dock, be sure that all your floats are working properly and float your dock as they should.

Put You Accessories Back

If you have removable dock furniture, you may have removed it and stored it through the winer. Once the weather allows you may consider putting it back onto your dock so you can use it all.

Reinstall Your Canopy Cover

If you had taken your canopy cover off during the winter you'll want to make sure you put that back on, but be sure to wait until your boat is on the lift first before doing so. You don't want to put the canopy cover on with no boat on as that basically makes your lift a giant umbrella that could fly away in a windstorm.

If there is anything that needs replacing or fixed and you aren't able to do it yourself, be sure to contact your local dealer.


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