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How to Summerize Your Boat This Summer

It is nearly time to de-winterize your boat that has been sitting in storage all winter! If you plan to do this yourself to save some money we have some tips for you!

Check the Engine

Since your boat has been in storage and not in use for a long period of time, the first thing you should do is check the engine and make sure everything is in superb condition. Be sure you change the oil and the oil filter. Just make sure the oil you are putting into your boat is the correct one so that your engine is corrosion free and clean.

Refill the Cooling System

If you had your boat winterized last year you should have had the cooling system drained. Check the cooling system's hoses for any cracks and empty the strainer. Once you've made sure all this looks good you can start to refill the cooling system.

Check the Battery

You need to make sure your battery in your boat is in good working condition. Make sure it doesn't need to have any of the fluids filled. If it does, just be sure to use distilled water!

You can also use a battery tester to make sure the battery works well before running your boat. If it doesn't you will want to buy a replacement battery. This is often the biggest frustration for people when they make it to the boat ramp...the battery is dead.

Check Water Pumps & Thermostats

Typically every 200 hours the water pump on the impeller will need to be replaced. This pump is what keeps water flowing to keep your engine cool. Be sure to replace it when it is needed.

Check the Belts

Carefully and safely check to make sure all the belts on your boat are tight and in good condition. You will be able to tell if it needs replacing if the belt feels loose.

Make Sure Lifejackets Are On Board

Once you've gotten all the maintenance done and your boat is ready to go for a spin, be sure to check that there are lifejackets on board for each person that is on the boat along with an orange safety flag if you plan to pull skiers!


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