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HydroLocker from HydroHoist

Have you heard about the one-of-a-kind HydroLockers from HydroHoist? They are certainly one of the easiest ways to store things safely on your dock! It is the perfect functional piece to add to your dock!

The HydroLocker now has two different designs that are built to withstand harsh marine environments. They are also designed with UV-stabilized construction, are impact resistance and are maintenance free. Each of the HydroLockers are designed to be used with standard padlocks so you can be sure your things are extra safe.

HydroLocker Special Features

  • Ultra-tough polyethylene construction

  • Tongue and groove lid to resist water

  • Built-in spill management

  • No hardware or maintenance required

  • Designed to accept standard padlocks

  • Off-dock mount bracket (sold separately)

To order your HydroLocker today, contact us!


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