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It's Almost Summer - Lakefront Cabin Prep!

There's only three months until summer! Can you feel it?! I know we can! Those lake days are at our fingertips!

If you own a lake home, here's some things we suggest you do to get your waterfront home prepped for summer:

Deep Clean Your Home

Chances are your cabin hasn't been cleaned much this winter if you only live there part time. Deep clean the inside of the house, the fridge and freezer, power wash your dock and deck, and anything else that looks as if it could use a nice touch up to get ready for those long summer days.

Clean Your Water Toys

Your boat and jet ski could use a good cleaning after being in storage all winter long. This can be a time consuming task so make sure you block out at least half a day for this if you are planning on doing it yourself. Scrub down the outside of the boat, the prop, wipe down the seats, under the seats, and everywhere else. This will get your summer started on the right foot. Nothing is better than a clean watercraft, right?!

Put On Your Canopy

Once you get your boat put into the water, now is the time to pull your canopy out of storage and put it on! Just be sure to do this after your boat is on the lift otherwise the wind could pick up your entire boat lift and flip it upside down.

Bring Out the Outdoor Furniture & Cushions

Time to break out the patio table and chairs, the umbrella and the outdoor couch and cushions from being stored away this winter.

Make Room in the Freezer for Popsicles

What's a nice summer day without a popsicle anyway?! Prep your freezer for a spot and stock up on those popsicles so you never run out!

Plant Flowers

We recommend waiting until the second week in May to plant your outdoor plants. These will brighten up your lake home and your mood!


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