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Jet Ski Drive-On Ports to Make Your Life Easier

The days of cranking up your jet ski on your lift are over. Drive-on jet ski ports eliminate this task and make parking your jet ski a breeze!

Small SLX Wave Port

Hewitt's SLX Wave Port will surely make your life easier. It is made with foam-filled polyethylene which makes it unsinkable.


ShoreMaster's ShorePort is easy to use, own, and attach to almost any floating, standing, or wheel-in dock system. It features a textured, non-slip resistance for walking, an 8" tie-down cleat, and three adjustable polyurethane rollers.

HydroPort Pro

The HydroPort Pro is lightweight, durable, and stable to support your PWC. It also had a slip-resistant surface to make it safe to walk on.

HyrdoPort Extreme

One of the reasons people love the HydroPort Extreme is because it is able to be mounted on the side or front of a dock and it can also stand alone. Its patented airflow protects your PWC as you drive off and on.

HydroPort Epic

The HydroPort Epic is ShoreMaster's newest and greatest drive-on port. Like others, it can be mounted on the front, side, or as a stand-alone unit. It has new and improved entry to make it easy for everyone to drive on.

Whatever you choose, all the drive-on ports will make the way you park your jet ski easier than ever!


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