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Jet Ski Port vs. Lift

Just because your jet ski might be less expensive than your boat doesn't mean it shouldn't be equally as protected! There are a couple options to protect your jet ski - a drive-on port or a lift. What are the differences between the two? We are going to dive into that for you if you are trying to decide between the two!

Jet Ski Ports

Jet ski ports are a newer item in the market, but are becoming more and more popular to jet ski enthusiasts because of their great convenience. Jet ski ports are different from a lift because they just sit in the water, they do not crank up and down. When you get done having fun on the lake with your jet ski, you just drive up onto the port and hook your jet ski onto the port with a clip/rope of some sort and that's it. You don't have to spend the extra minutes it takes to wind up your lift. They also give you a little bit of space to walk on to get on your jet ski easier.

One downfall to a jet ski port is that the bottom of your jet ski may get more wet than it would if it was on a lift. On rougher days on the lake, the waves from other boaters going by may get the bottom of your jet ski wet.

Jet Ski Lifts

The classic jet ski lift is a bit different from a jet ski port. It can take a tad longer to get in and out of the water as you have to crank the wheel. One major benefit of the jet ski lift is that you can ensure your jet ski stays dry because you can crank it high out of the water. Some find the jet ski lift easier to park on since the lift sits in the water when it is all the way down.

It all really comes down to your preference! There really is no "best option". Either is great to protect your prized possession - your jet ski!


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