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Lake of the Ozarks Donated $625,000 from Shootout

Every year, Lake of the Ozarks has a shootout. The shootout is a charity boat race in Sunrise beach. It is the largest boat race in the United States that gives back to the community.

In their 34 years of doing this shootout, they raised $625,000 this year - that’s nearly $200,000 more than last year. These donations impact so many in their community. This money goes to 40 local charities, including police and fire departments.

This year, more than 130 watercrafts raced across the Ozarks waters and competed for their titles. But, it isn’t just about the fast boats. It brings thousands in revenue to restaurants, lodging and more in their community. Most importantly, many charities benefit from this event. These 40 local charities are forever grateful for this successful event.

Next year, you may want to go watch the Lake of the Ozarks shootout for yourself!


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