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Memorial Day Water Safety Tips

As Memorial Day weekend creeps up on us, many families will be headed to spend the weekend on the lake. If you are one of these families, please be sure to do everything you can to be prepared and stay safe.

Choose Someone to be the "Water Watcher"

If there are children playing in the water, be sure to choose an adult to give their full attention to watching the kids swim. We know some people who hire a sitter to do just that - watch the water. While it may sound unnecessary, it’s worth the money in gold to make sure everyone stays safe!

Swim in Only Certain Areas

Never swim just wherever. Choose certain areas that are safe and not far out where boats will be driving by.

Wear Life Jackets

Even if someone is a good swimmer they should still wear a lifejacket. You never know what can happen and life jackets and protect you in case of an accident.

Use an Orange Flag When Pulling Skiers and Tubers

Whenever you are pulling someone behind the boat, always have an orange flag on board and a designated person to be in charge of putting it up when someone is down. This ensures other boaters know that someone is in the water and to stay clear.

Don't Drink Alcohol While Driving the Boat

Many boating accidents occur with alcohol involved. The driver of the boat should not drink while driving and the passengers may also take precautions in how much they consume, as well.

Know CPR

Knowing CPR is always a good thing to have knowledge of in case of emergency. Often lakes are far from medical help and this can help save lives while medical help is on their way.

Do Not Let Children Drive Boats or Jet Skis

Only adults with proper knowledge should be operating the boat/jet ski. Though it is exciting for a child to do this, do not allow it especially on a busy weekend like Memorial Day.

Take a Boating Safety Course

Though you may think you know how to operate a watercraft, that is not always the case. Taking a boating safety course will ensure you know everything about water safety that you need to know. Children ages 14 and up are required to take a boating safety course if they plan to operate a watercraft. You can learn more about how and where to take a boating safety course here.

Stay safe this Memorial Day weekend! Share this article with a friend you may know of that is spending this busy weekend on the water to help prevent accidents!


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