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Preparing Your Lake Home for Fall

As temps start to cool down a bit, it's time to start thinking about fall! Some of you may visit the lake house throughout the fall, and others ultimately wait to come back out until next spring. Here's some things you can do to prepare your lake house for fall!

Turn Off the Sprinklers

Your sprinklers have probably been running all summer long, but now that it is cooling down and you may even have some frost on your lawn in the morning it is time to turn those sprinklers off for the season.

Park Your Boat

You may be able to use your boat in the beginning fall months, but eventually it will start to get a bit too cold to be going for boat rides. Once it gets a bit too cold, you will want to look into getting it winterized and possibly even put your boat into covered storage until spring.

Take Off Your Canopy Cover

You never want to leave your canopy cover on without a boat on it, otherwise it could flip over! Be sure to take off your canopy cover before you pull your boat out of the water. You can store it in a dry place like your garage or shed and put it on next year!

Turn Off Your Water Each Time You Leave

When the temps start to drop you want to be sure to turn off your water each time you are away. This prevents the scare of possibly having the pipes freeze over and making a mess when you are away.

Go Through Your Fridge and Pantry

Go through your fridge and pantry and throw out any food that is expired or going to become expired before the next time you will be back at your cabin. To take extra measures against mice, put anything that is opened into airtight containers.

Do a Surface Clean

Another important step is to clean your home before the colder months. This will also help keep those rodents away!


Gather up some cozy blankets and lay them over couches, on beds and anywhere else you think they may be needed. Get some fall decorations and make the place festive for the fall months. Don't forget a fall candle (or five), our favorite are the 3-wicks from Bath & Body Works.

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